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Bridal and Designer Lingerie


Bridal and Designer Lingerie

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We love lingerie, do you?

We love lace, fabrics and a beautiful garment on a woman. So coupling Bridal Alterations with Lingerie is perfect.  Our selection includes Bridal Lingerie and unique intimate lingerie; Nighties, Nightgowns, Shorts, Robes, Teddies, Bra/Panty Sets.  (We do not sell bras and panties separately.) We design custom robes using bridal laces.  Our boutique also sells Girly Go Garters, Bridal Garters, Jewelry, Bridal Headpieces and Bridal Veils.

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3002 N 67th Pl, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, USA

(602) 330-4745


(602) 330-4745

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